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Public opinion on increasing number of satellites: When asked the question “In your opinion, should there be limits on the number of satellites that companies can launch?” 69% of the respondents answered “yes”, with 13% “no”, and 19% “not sure/can’t say”.

The following data are from a recent study that was conducted by the Angus Reid Forum USA in collaboration with the OSI. A representative, randomized sample of 1,520 American adult members of the Angus Reid Forum USA participated in an online survey from January 10 to 14, 2022. Participants were asked a series of general questions about outer space, including satellites and light pollution, space tourism, space militarization, and the use of anti-satellite weapons. The survey also asked the participants about their views on the possibility of extraterrestrial life!

A selection of the responses are visualized in the histograms below.

If you would like to view the full dataset summary, please navigate to the bottom of this page or follow this link: Outer Space Survey (2022.01.14). We expect to make the full dataset available soon.

Further details and analysis of the survey results will be released in due course.

Survey Highlights

The following histograms present responses from select survey questions. The questions appear in the title of the histogram, while the percentage of responses in each category can be seen in the corresponding bars below. To view the full dataset summary please navigate to the bottom of this page or follow this link: Outer Space Survey (2022.01.14).

Outer Space Survey Dataset Summary

To view the dataset summary on Google Sheets follow this link: Outer Space Survey (2022.01.14).

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