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  • On October 20th, Paul Meyer was featured on a panel organized by Canadian Pugwash and the the Centre for International Policy Studies at the University of Ottawa on "The Security Challenges of Emerging Technologies". Watch it: here. You can also find a summary of Paul's discussion: here.
  • "One million (paper) satellites", a new article co-authored by Andrew Falle, Ewan Wright, Aaron Boley and Michael Byers was published in the latest issue of Science. You can view a free-access version of the article through this link.
  • Astro-ICJ: an initiative to encourage the member states of the UN General Assembly to request an ‘advisory opinion’ from the ICJ on the responsibilities of states regarding orbital light and spectrum pollution.
  • "Star-crossed States: No result from the UN Working Group on Reducing Space Threats." Paul Meyer's latest for Open Canada
  • Who We Are

    The Outer Space Institute (OSI) is a network of world-leading space experts united by their commitment to highly innovative, transdisciplinary research that addresses grand challenges facing the continued use and exploration of space. Comprised of physical scientists, social scientists, lawyers, engineers, industry leaders, and policy makers, there is no other body like it anywhere. The transdisciplinary approach enables the OSI to identify challenges, opportunities, and solutions that have been overlooked by other groups. By breaking down barriers that prevent people in different fields from working together, the OSI is able to further challenge assumptions that are often taken for granted in building public policy.

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