Fellows Contact Information

The Fellows listed below have indicated that they are open to requests for interviews and commentary. If you would like to reach someone listed on this page please contact our Research Coordinator. We plan to list more Fellows and their respective areas of expertise here soon!

Aaron Boley

Areas: Planetary astronomy, militarization of outer space, space resource extraction, satellite mega-constellations, space debris, impact hazards.

Michael Byers

Areas: International law, space resource extraction, militarization of outer space, satellite mega-constellations.

Brett Gladman

Areas: Meteorite fireballs, impact hazard, planetary astronomy.

Alice Gorman

Areas: Space heritage and archaeology, Indigenous space heritage, space debris, lunar mining, environmental impact management.

David Kendall

Areas: Space weather, COPOUS and UN, Government of Canada space-related policy issues, cultural heritage of outer space activities.

Aaron Rosengren

Areas: Space Debris, Space Sustainability, Space Traffic Management, Space Domain Awareness, Astrodynamics