The People of the OSI

Aaron Boley

Aaron Boley (CRC in planetary astronomy) is an expert in planet formation and dynamics. His work includes investigating the long-term evolution of planetary systems and their debris (asteroids and comets), observing dust in planetary systems, testing formation mechanisms for meteorite components, and connecting the meteoritic record with planet formation models.

Michael Byers

Michael Byers (CRC in global politics) studies the interplay of international law and international relations, especially with respect to armed force, climate change, the oceans, the Arctic, and most recently space. He is currently under contract with Cambridge University Press for a book entitled Who Owns Outer Space? International Law on the Final Frontier.

UBC Members and Collaborators
David Beers, Graduate School of Journalism
Peter Dauvergne, Political Science
Brett Gladman, Physics and Astronomy
Paul Hickson, Physics and Astronomy
Catherine Johnson, Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences
Phyllis Johnson, Sociology
M. V. Ramana, Public Policy and Global Affairs
Janis Sarra, Law
Lynn Stothers, Urologic Sciences
Peter Suedfeld, Psychology

World-wide Members and Collaborators
Timiebi Aganaba-Jeanty, Arizona State University
Jeffery C. Chancellor, Texas A&M University
Mac Evans, former President of the Canadian Space Agency. Director, Urthecast
Wang Guoyu, Institute of Space Law, Beijing Institute of Technology
Tanya Harrison, Arizona State University. Director of Research for the NewSpace initiative
Brian Israel, Planetary Resources Inc., formerly Office of the Legal Adviser, US State Department
Moriba K. Jah, University of Texas, Austin
David Kendall, former Chair of the UN Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space
Ryder McKeown, University of Toronto & Department of National Defence
Paul Meyer, International Studies, SFU, former Canadian Ambassador on Disarmament
James Clay Moltz, US Naval Postgraduate School
Bernhard Rabus, SFU, NSERC Industrial Research Chair in Synthetic Aperture Radar
Aaron Rosengren, University of Arizona
Sara Russell, Natural History Museum, London
Marie Lucy Stojak, HEC Montréal. Chair, Canadian Space Advisory Board