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  • (NEW) The OSI has released the results of an online survey, conducted in the United States from January 10 to 14, 2022. The survey asked a sample of 1,520 American adults a series of questions about space! View the dataset summary at this link: Outer Space Survey
  • Read "Cis-lunar Space and the Security Dilemma" by Michael Byers and Aaron Boley in the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists’ 2022 January special issue: Conflict in Space.
  • Read the OSI’s discussion on Russia’s November ASAT test here: Russian ASAT test: A preliminary discussion (updated with a new plot on 7 December 2021)
  • Check out the OSI’s November 2021 Newsletter for information on recent and upcoming initiatives, introductions to our new Fellows, and select works and publications. Read it here: OSI Newsletter Issue 2, November 2021.
  • The International Open Letter on Kinetic Anti-Satellite (ASAT) Testing is open for additional signatures. Should you wish to add your name, please use the following form (link). The current full list of signatories is available here (link)
  • Who We Are

    The Outer Space Institute (OSI) is network of world-leading space experts united by their commitment to highly innovative, transdisciplinary research that addresses grand challenges facing the continued use and exploration of space. Comprised of physical scientists, social scientists, lawyers, engineers, industry leaders, and policy makers, there is no other body like it anywhere. The transdisciplinary approach enables the OSI to identify challenges, opportunities, and solutions that have been overlooked by other groups. By breaking down barriers that prevent people in different fields from working together, the OSI is able to further challenge assumptions that are often taken for granted in building public policy.